Vision: to build a community that exhibits a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Biblically based

We at Hope Christian Fellowship affirm the Bible to be the Word of God. We also believe that Scripture needs to be correctly interpreted, applied and practiced in our everyday life. As we study God's Word, we come to better understand His redemptive plans, His transforming power, His perfecting ways, and His desired will while developing a Biblical worldview.

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Christ Centered

HCF is Christ-centered with Jesus as the model for what it means to live holy, and set apart. Jesus was sent by the Father to fulfill the Old Testament prophecies with His mission and ministry as the ultimate example of radical change, which "sets the captives free, opens the eyes of the blind, and releases those who are oppressed".

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Family focused

"The Family Factor" is marked by a Trinitarian view of Christian unity, which emphasizes the uniqueness and inter-relatedness of the natural family established in Genesis 1. The cultivating of "strong family values" such as unconditional covenantal love, biblical acceptance and forgiveness, godly character and authentic intimacy are emphasized.

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"Welcome, May All Who Enter as Guests, Leave as Family"


The ministries at HCF are Biblically-based, Christ-centered and Family-focused. We welcome all who desire to--COME! We strive to treat you like a family member who has come home after a long hiatus, regardless of ethnicity, color, gender or political affiliation. However, be warned--we regularly worship together, pray together, eat together and love one another, in spite of our faults. We hope that you will experience the love of Christ in both our words and deeds. So don't hesitate, come and join us!!!


Father and son reading a Bible over a black background.

Next Steps...

Come join us and help us change our communities, one family at a time...